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Ensure every student is prepared for every class

  • Only 20-30% of students in the average classroom do assigned reading; in Perusall classes, >90% consistently do the reading.
  • No annoying quizzes; no repetitive forums or email lists — Perusall keeps students focused on the text, aided by modern communication methods.
  • Peer-reviewed, published, and patented research shows that Perusall works.

Engage students at scale

  • Students help each other learn by collectively annotating readings in threads, responding to each other’s comments, and interacting.
  • Bring the interactivity of a small seminar to a large lecture course, without sacrificing efficiency.
  • Instructors now use Perusall in classes from 2 to 1,000+ students, in the sciences, humanities, and social sciences.

Save your time, improve classroom time

  • Perusall automatically manages entire out-of-classroom experience, and motivates participation via social connections and automatic engagement scores.
  • Instead of the blank stares students often give to “Any questions?”, start class using Perusall’s "student confusion report" — a one-page summary of concepts students had trouble with or most engaged them, along with some of the best annotations.

Keep costs down and simplify book orders

  • Combine open educational resources, your own materials, and published textbooks (with our catalog of the 400,000 most popular titles).
  • Students pay nothing for Perusall. For copyrighted textbooks, students simply purchase the book through Perusall instead of elsewhere.

Keep your administration happy

  • Perusall is administration-friendly, FERPA compliant, secure, free of advertising, and integrated with every major LMS.
  • Student identities are not shared with corporate recruiters. Perusall works seamlessly with financial aid systems, bookstores, and specialized university systems. Institutional licenses available.

Stay at the forefront of educational innovation

  • Benefit from continually updated and rigorously demonstrated educational innovations from Harvard University and Perusall Labs.
  • Perusall’s platform is frequently updated with new developments when they will benefit you and your students — without additional work for you.
Used by 1,000,000 students and 30,000 instructors at 3,000 educational institutions in 85 countries. Read their stories

Use content from anywhere

Deliver all reading and video assignments in one place. Adopt published books, incorporate open educational resources, or drag-and-drop in your own materials. Set up for the whole semester in 15 minutes. Perusall manages the rest of the semester automatically.

Keep students engaged

Students annotate readings and asynchronously respond to each other's comments and questions in context. Perusall proactively engages students with automated personalized guidance, ensuring continual motivation. Large courses are automatically segmented into smaller groups to ensure productive discussion.

Get complete metrics

Keep track of student progress at a glance, and utilize the “student confusion report” to help plan class time. Perusall’s nonadversarial and nondiscriminatory grading tries to get 100% of students 100% credit for being 100% prepared. Grades sync automatically with your LMS.

Integrate all of your course readings

Your own uploaded materials
Open educational resources
Books from the world's best publishers