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Please select from the following webinar recordings based on your Perusall interests. If you need assistance, please contact Perusall Support.

Perusall 101 Recording

Designed for instructors new to Perusall, this webinar covers how to get started with Perusall. You will learn how to make assignments, create groups, and build out your Perusall library.

Perusall 102 Recording

The 102 webinar takes a closer look at Perusall's more advanced features, including multimodal assignments, peer review assignment creation, auto-grading, and LMS setup.

Perusall Instruct the Instructor Recording

This webinar is designed for instructional designers, academic specialists, or anyone in a role who assists others with the implementation of Perusall. It provides a broad overview of creating an account, common FAQs, full LMS integration with grade sync, and more.