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Marketing Manager

Job Function: Marketing Manager
Company Name: Perusall LLC
Company Location: US (Remote)
Employment Type: Full-time
Company Size: 8+ employees
Industry: Education Technology (Higher Education)

About Us

We are an education technology startup that began with an aim to change the nature of reading — from the traditional isolated experience to an engaging and social one. We have evolved into a company that aims to revolutionize education — so all students come to class prepared, engaged and motivated to learn. We aim to advance behavioral science and AI research in the service of improving education — using our work at Harvard University and Perusall Labs to improve the Perusall platform and to help students, educators, researchers, and society at large.

We are looking to hire a creative, enthusiastic, highly motivated Marketing Manager to help increase company brand awareness, support sales, and promote company initiatives across channels. The Marketing Manager will design and implement communications, messaging, and engagement strategies in support of the Perusall brand. In this position, you will be involved in developing marketing channel strategies, implementing marketing campaigns and tactics, researching the market and competition, coordinating with the sales team, maintaining customer relations, and developing summary reports.

To ensure success as a Marketing Manager at Perusall, you should have a minimum of three years of experience marketing to faculty in higher education. A strong knowledge of inbound and outbound marketing techniques and tools, a knowledge of the college sales cycle, and excellent communications skills are also a must.

Job Responsibilities

Key Qualifications

Additional Skills

Education and Experience

Bachelor’s degree and a minimum of three years digital and multimedia marketing experience.

Estimated pay range

Competitive based on experience and capability.

Our Story

Perusall began following a major four-year research project at Harvard University; we created the platform to serve students in our classes, and then in 2015 built the business to bring our research to students and instructors everywhere. Perusall is now a profitable business serving 1,500,000 students at 3,000 educational institutions in 85 countries.

How to apply

To apply, send an email to with your resume and salary requirements.